Miles MAGISTER P2498, 1 Sqn Damaged in flying accident March 1940, abandoned Chateau Bougon June 1940.

DH 89 RAPIDES : W6424 24 Sqn ex G-AEAM. Force-landed St. Philbert, near Clisson on 23 (22nd ?)-2-1940 out of . fuel. Hit a ditch. Abandoned at Bouguenais with 21 AD on 16(?)-5-1940.

G-AEAM W6424, 4.1.40. Delivered to No. 24 Sqn. on 4.9.39, G-AEAM was first used by the squadron on the 13th. While on a flight to Nantes on 212.40, the pilot of G-AEAM was forced to land at St. Philbert, near Clisson, France, due to fuel starvation. He overran the field and piled up in a ditch. Dismantled and conveyed to No. 21 A.D. on the 27th for repair and became W6424, but was abandoned at Amiens on 16.5.40 and destroyed in a dismantled condition.

Saint Philbert de Bouaine but note the diaries of N21AD indicated "23 Feb DH89 GAEAM of N°24 squadron (pilot F/O DL Mc Monnies) crashed at St Philbert (near Lac grand Lieu) when en route for Chateau Bougon". " 24 Feb DH89 salved by N°21 Aircraft Depot".

Bristol Bombay were abandonned at Chateau-Bougon in June 1940.